About us

The Similkameen Okanagan Society Food Hubs was created in the spring of 2022, to bring
together the local farmers with excess crops, food processing entrepreneurs, and facilities
available, into a single forum.

Through our society’s website our members will see the posts of:
* Farmers: communicating when and where crops are available for processing,
* Small food Entrepreneurs: seeking raw product demand for processing foods, and other needs.
* Local Food Safe Facilities: the availability of rental food safe facilities to process in.
* Equipment: available / pay per use
* Co-packers: to custom process your products.
* Support organization: announcements, services, events etc.

Due to a lack of affordable and available processing options, for producers in the Similkameen
and Okanagan Valleys, food is wasted and entrepreneurs are limited in their production. As our
members define the gaps in post harvest handling, processing of local foods, and distribution,
the SOS Food Hubs will look to provide options to fill those gaps.

Food processing requires meeting regulations. Through our connection with the Small Scale
Producers Association we have access to courses that will assist our members through the
learning curves. Other courses will be organized according to the member’s needs.

Become a Sponsor, active member, or board member today!

Working together we can reduce waste, create nutritious foods, while increasing food security in our region.